Tarrot Readers and More!!


Paula and her wonderful husband David are the proud parents of Barefoot Gypsy. Paula is also a witch, a reader of Tarot, crafter of candles and other magickal workings and creative constructor of creepy things, brooms, jewelry and other items. She is also an ordained minister licensed with the state of WV. Paula can be reached for readings, handfastings, weddings and random advice by calling or visiting the shop. Most Saturdays will find her in the BG booth at the Milton Flea Market accompanied by Miss Gracie. 


Miss Gracie is the official shop Greeter. Unfortunately, she is not permitted in the plaza shop due to the building owner's insurance. She can still be caught working her greeter magic on customers in the Barefoot Gypsy flea market booth. Gracie's fans can also catch videos and pictures on her momma's Facebook page. 

Tarot Reader

Jessica Bailey is quite the Tarot Reader, don't let the youthful face fool ya! She hails from just across the Ohio boarder and has her own Tarot group on FaceBook, Tarot by Jessica. She is often a featured Reader on Psych Saturdays at Barefoot Gypsy. 


Will Smaidi  is the newest Reader to join the BG gang and is very excited to be here. He lives in St Albans and has been reading Tarot for 2 years. Don't let that fool you, he's quite accurate and is sure to impress! In his spare time he enjoys playing chess and spending time with his cats Bella and Kiki. He can be reached for private readings by contacting the shop. 

Reader & Energy Worker

Joshua Thaxton is also a featured Reader and Energy Worker for our Psychic Saturdays. His Energy Work is no-touch and quite powerful. He can be reached for Readings by either calling the shop or reaching out to him directly via messenger. 

Reader & Energy Worker

Troy Kinison is often a guest Tarot Reader on Psychic Saturdays. He lives in Charleston and has been reading Tarot since he was 16. He has always been a unique person but it wasn't until later in his life he began his journey as a practicing Witch. He can be reached for Readings by calling 304-925-8349 or 691-799-1930. He can also be reached via Messenger.

So, just who is the face behind Barefoot Gypsy? Some may answer “the purple-haired witch behind the counter”. Well yeah, but truthfully, there isn’t just one face…but several.

David and I have wanted a shop like BG for many years, just didn’t know how or where to begin. We LOVED  spending time in Wildflowers, a small shop in South Charleston. We loved the energy and really enjoyed talking with Carolyn, Gale, Carrie, Tammy and all the customers. We loved searching through the books, jewelry, cards and other items packed in the shelves. We mostly loved listening to Carolyn’s stories! So, the first face that needs mentioned is Carolyn Rexroad of Wildflowers, for without her love and support, Barefoot Gypsy would have never been born. 

Of course the next faces to be mentioned are those behind the counters, David, and myself (Paula), and our wonderful BG helpers.

The other faces are those of our faithful customers and people who have helped us along this path in one way or another. After all, TRIBE is everything!

BG was birthed in a Milton Flea Market booth, mostly out of necessity. We often dreamed and talked about finding a larger space, a brick-and-mortar shop. We finally took the leap May of 2021 and opened in the Milton Plaza Mall. It was a genuine work of the heart, and worth all the sweat, blood and tears that were spent and spilled in the process! 

We look forward to growing and look forward to the next chapter nine this beautiful book called Barefoot Gypsy. The best is yet to be because we choose to live each day by our motto “life is WAY too short to live without Magick!”


Blessed Be!

Barefoot Gypsy

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