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Creative Visualization by Debbie Rutherford

Visualization is imaging, not imagination. Imagination is like day dreaming. Imaging is when we see something or someone within our third eye.

The third eye is the chakra above the bridge of the nose, just above the physical eyes in the middle of the forehead. "See" a clock face on your forehead, to the right is counter clockwise and to the left is clockwise. Use a crystal or your finger to do a clockwise circle over your third eye, opening it up to help you see with your mind's eye. Touch it, feel it opening up to "see". 

Mechi Garza used to teach her Kolaimni students a visualization exercise using an orange. This is an exercise anyone can do. Simply take an orange in your hands and close your physical eyes, see the orange with your mind's eye. See the bright orange color and dimpling of the orange. Smell it and then "see" the il fly off it when it's being peeled. Do this with your third eye. If you're having trouble withy the visualization, gently rub your fingernail across the skin to release more fragrance. This may help you to to see with your third eye. See the orange opening up revealing the segments and go inside a segment. See all the globules of juice inside just waiting to burst open with delicious juice on your tongue. Visualize the wonderful taste of sweet juice. 

Now see the seed nestled in between the globules, knowing that the seed holds within it the tree that oranges grow in. Now, take the seed out qne plqnt it in the ground. With rain and sunshine, that tree will burst open with blossoms in the spring, and will turn into oranges in the summer. Open your eyes, your orange came from a tree, just like the one you imaged. 

Another method for using your third eye is to slow down time. Sometimes you have so much to do you don't see how you can get it all accomplished in the allotted time. Close your eyes and visualize yourself standing on the bank of a river. For myself, I often see a river like the New River. See your river rushing by making a roaring sound. In the middle of the river see some boulders and the water is slapping up on them. 

this is the River of Time. Now, outstretch your arms and "turbo thought" the action of slowing down this passing river. Slow, slow, slow, the water is no longer slapping onto the boulders. Its slowing down to a quiet meandering trickle sound. Slower and slower, its now flowing very smooth and slow. 

Now open your eyes and complete your task, just know that you will have plenty of time. I've always had it work out for me. 

I hope these methods have helped you with your Creative Visualization. Perhaps your third eye is really working now, or at least you should know where it is and how it works.

Blessed Be. 

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