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Divination Tools – Stones and Crystals, Shaelyn Conlin-Grey

Divination Tools – Stones and Crystals
Shaelyn Conlin-Grey

When many people are asked to describe what a seer or diviner looks like a default description is usually a woman, dressed like a Hollywood gypsy gazing into a crystal ball. And although the imagery is a bit trope-y, the usage of stones and crystals is a valid one when it comes to divination practices.

Each of us will find ourselves drawn to some stones over others, and there really isn’t a right or wrong choice; but some stones have made a name for themselves as being stronger on the divination energy than others.

Here are a few that I have worked with over the years along with some insight as to what they can do, or what you can expect from them.

Blue Calcite: Enables the spirit to move freely without being affected by negative energies. Good stone for when you need to lift your consciousness and push it out, whether it’s for astral projection, channeling or scrying.

Iolite: Increases your awareness in the astral and helps with dream recall.

Amethyst: Helps with OOBE (Out of Body Experiences) and lucid dreaming. This is a stone that also enhances other stones’ energies, but in a gentler way than say Moldavite or Ametrine.

Moldavite: Helps you leave your body easier. Adds intensity to all the other stones you’re working with. Can open up your third eye and make you see and hear things that might be a bit overwhelming. This is a stone where a little bit goes a long way and I don’t recommend wearing or carrying it for long periods of time, unless you are really used to it.

Ametrine: Stregthens your will and determination. Use this one in conjunction with other stones to boost the signal and your intent.

Angelite: A gentle stone that brings a sense of serenity and calmness, helps you move to an upper level.

Labradorite: Helps your astral body move effortlessly. Pair with Iolite to ensure you won’t be blocked in the astral. Honestly, if you can only buy one stone to aid you in your psychic development, divination skills, or astral work this should be the stone that you buy. It is just an amazing all around psychic stone that everyone should have on hand.

Prehnite: Great for premonition work, helps with focus and the third eye.

Apophyllite: Enables your astral/light body to maintain a higher resonance. Creates a connection between the astral and the physical world. Good for scrying and out-of-body journeying.

Celestite: Stone of heaven. Will jumpstart your spiritual growth and open lines of communication. Puts you on speed dial with Divine Intelligences. Very fragile, will fade under sunlight.

Charoite: Encourages your spirit to time travel into a very deep astral state. Aids in spiritual rescue work, clairvoyance and divination. And has the added plus of cleansing the aura.

Seraphinite: Helps you open up to communication and guides your astral body. This stone also protects the physical body during astral work.

Merlinite: Not as smack smack as Moldavite but still has a lot more presence than most other stones. This stone can aid astral travel into past or future lives to gain insight.

Selenite: A very powerful psychic connector. This stone boosts communication with ancestors, angels, loved ones and spirit guides. In addition to being a psychic amplifier, Selenite is amazing at cleansing and recharging stones and crystals placed near it. This is especially helpful with stones that can’t tolerate salt water washes.

Larimar: Formed through fire but is a water stone. Very gentle stone that’s good for water aligned people to open up their third eye. This is also a great stone for working with the Divine Feminine.

If you are doing any kind of energy or astral work or divination, especially for others, it can be easy to attract and pick up sludge or feeders. Or if you are a natural medium, sometimes you just need some bubble wrap between you and everyone else’s energies and that’s where the following stones come in.

Nuummite: Good for protection and buffering. Use if you want to muffle your psychic sensitivity.

Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Black Onyx, Jet: Protective stones if you tend to pick up sludge in the astral.

I could probably add a couple dozen more stones to this list, but these are the ones that I have used extensively and recommended to students for many years. I hope that you have learned about a few more stones to add to your collection.


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