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Is Magick Real?

Greetings everyone, Merry Meet!

People ask me all the time if I really believe magick is real. My answer is always the same, and offered quickly: "YES!" I have proven it real to myself time and time again. Do I always get it right every time? Of course not! BUT, over the years I have become more consistent in my spell work. Practice makes for advancement. I'm also very fortunate to have several people in my life who are very seasoned magically and are willing to offer advice when it's requested.

People also ask if I have always been a Witch. The here answer is "no, I haven't". But, I have always known I was different, that there was something different about me, deep down...even as a child. Even when I was a practicing Christian, I knew I was meant for something different

I would caution anyone new to magick to be very careful when searching the internet for spells and/or rituals. Not everyone out there has your best interest at heart, and, just like everything else, there is bad advise mixed in with the good. I would also advise newbies (and the seasoned) to examine their motives for wanting to do spell work, especially when it's directed at others. Magick is a great way to bring positive changes into one's life. It can also bring heartache and pain when Karma gets returned. What else can we expect when directing negative energy at those who are innocent, or when the "punishment" is not equal to the perceived offence.

Candle magick is a great way for anyone to begin their spell work. Herbs, oils and crystals are usually added to intensify the desired outcome. Above all, our intention is our greatest tool, and faith in our selves and our craft is our greatest motivator.

Keeping a Grimoire, Book of Shadows or Book of Spells is a good way to keep all our spells, rituals and recipes in one place. It's also a great way to build our confidence as a Witch. I not only record the spell/ritual, I also write down the outcome of the spell (if I know), or how I would change it in the future. Sometimes the final outcome is not known, don't let this make you doubt your craft.

There are as many types of magick as there are Witches, we simply need to find our "space" and then make it ours. And, there is a limitless supply of items in our spell work arsenal. Not only herbs, oils, candles and crystals, but even bones, photos, hair, and many other things can be used to create and carry out a successful spell. Remember, intention is the key in ANY working. What is a prayer, but a spell spoken from the heart of the speaker? Words carry much more power than we realize and we should be aware of how we speak, especially in regards to ourselves...we attract what we project, whether positive or negative, even if the negative is unintentional!

Please feel free to send us questions or request a specific topic you'd like to know more about. Our intention is that this blog be a place to share knowledge and spark conversations that will encourage and educate our fellow witches. Who knows, we may even begin a YouTube channel to include videos. 

Till next time we meet...Blessed Be!

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