Life is WAY Too Short to Live Without Magick!

The Gypsy's Grimoire


    There are times in life when we all feel painted into a corner with no place to turn. We wonder "how did I get here?" and "when will this ever end?". We all go through times when we are down emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially and economically. Whether it's needing a place of our own, a larger house, smaller house, more money, a better job, a social circle, or just a boost in the right direction, Magick can help!
  • Divination Tools – Stones and Crystals, Shaelyn Conlin-Grey

    When many people are asked to describe what a seer or diviner looks like a default description is usually a woman, dressed like a Hollywood gypsy gazing into a crystal ball. And although the imagery is a bit trope-y, the usage of stones and crystals is a valid one when it comes to divination practices.