Beginner Witchcraft Course


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We all have to start somewhere, so let’s explore the beginnings, the basics and see just how simple it is to begin. Yeah, that may sound like a bit of a riddle, but the truth is, we all, all of us, already have the seed of Witchcraft buried deep in our souls. And, like all seeds, it simply needs to be watered, tended, weeded and pruned in order to harvest the beautiful fruits it can produce. Whether you consider yourself a Green Witch, a White Witch, a Kitchen Witch or whatever Witch, we can help you get started in just the right direction.

Each chapter builds upon the previous ones to allow the student to lay a firm foundation, begin their own practice, hone their knowledge and grow their skills. Notice I said “practice” there? Yeah, this path requires practice! We don’t just HOPE for money and one day it falls from the sky! We look for ways to acquire the money we need…apply for jobs, offer a service or make and sell handmades. Witchcraft is no different! We must work the magick and then allow the magick to work! Do we get it right the first time, every time? NOPE! That’s why its a practice! And, Intention is EVERYTHING!

If a life of magic is something you’re yearning for, then this is the place and time for you! after all…
Life is WAY too damn short to live without MAGICK!   WATCH

  1. Wicca, Witchcraft and other Magical History
  2. Patrons: Goddesses, Gods and Demons
  3. Altar and Tools
  4. Correspondences
  5. Crystals and Candles
  6. Herbs and Oils
  7. Discovering Your Guides
  8. Rituals and Workings
  9. Shadow Work
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