Ritual for Hire


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There are times in life when we all feel painted into a corner with no place to turn. We wonder “how did I get here?” and “when will this ever end?”. We all go through times when we are down emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially and economically. Whether it’s needing a place of our own, a larger house, smaller house, more money, a better job, a social circle, or just a boost in the right direction, Magick can help!

We at Barefoot Gypsy are now offering Ritual for Hire. This means we do the magick to boost your effort, and light a fire for results!

The process begins with a 30 minute consultation (in-person or video) to find out exactly what is needed. The consultation will include an interview, and possibly divination, to assist in determining the best magical approach and timing for the ritual. We may also ask for pictures, names, dates and other items to use in the ritual. And, there may be times when we send items to the seeker for their own use during the ritual. 

Ritual (without Consultation) ($90)

Ritual (including consultation) ($120)


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