Debbie Rutherford

Coming from Louisville KY, where she graduated with honors from The School of Metaphysics, Debbie settled in Charleston, WV.

Having done Tarot readings for over 40 years at the present, she has worked at several local book stores, from The Book and Pendulum in the 80s & 90s to presently at Barefoot Gypsy.

You may have seen her on TV or heard her on the radio when she was known as The Belly Dancing Psychic when she owned a singing telegram business and was co-owner of Celestial Sisters Psychic Fairs. Perhaps you’ve seen her at some of the larger venues such as The Victory of Light Physic Fair in Cincinnati, OH or The Light Expo in Columbus.

Debbie always says, “foreknowledge is forewarned”. During your reading, if something is coming your way she will help you identify the best path for you to take.

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